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Would you write me a poem?

Harley Bell
2 min readNov 10, 2023
Two birds talking to each other.
Photo by Somin Khanna on Unsplash

If you found this, you too know something about curiosity. I’ve been building up the courage to ask, would you write me a poem?

You see, I’ve been inspired by the Piwakawaka. There is something in the way they fly, so close to my walking body. I know they are looking for insects, scuffed up by my footprints. But that does not make their dance any less beautiful.

I never used to notice the birds. It’s been a slow process. The older I become the more patience I have for the natural world. It has been a joy, learning to offer my attention to the creative process.

I was once a curious creature like you. I am old now and I wish there was fresh poetry in my life. Would tell me a story about the birds?

I’ve been thinking about this land, our islands, before humans came to the shore. What it must have been like, lush and alive with birdsong. The land is calling to us now, as the Tui and the Kereru, as the Korimako.

Would tell me a story about the birds?
If it helps, think of a bird that is familiar to you. Your poem could be about the ancestors of that bird. How has it changed over the centuries?
What earthly materials are gathered to build nests?
Was there once birdsong on the very spot you now stand?

I hope to hear for you soon,

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