I call my creatures inside

Life update

Harley Bell
3 min readNov 25, 2023
Two dogs playing with tennis balls on the grass.
Photo by Mia Anderson on Unsplash

I’ve been going through my folders and finding all sorts of unfinished projects. This is an attempt to organize myself. An attempt to finish what needs finishing and discard the rest.

Perhaps, there is something here that could be reworked, perhaps not. I am writing this in fragments. Trying to untangle the string of disconnected thoughts. It calms me to document my experiences.

I observe my surroundings. Something can come from nothing but starting is easier with a spark. I rub two stones together and see what happens.

Where is my body? It is gazing upon a piano. A piano that is missing the white enamel on the keys. The mantel is stacked uncomfortably high with soccer trophies and pictures of people that I do not know.

Where is my body? There is a spade stuck in the dirt, beyond the glass doors. Outside, there is a mountain of shoes, gumboots, sandals and sundries. Beyond that, an olive tree. Wherein, a magpie chases two blackbirds from the branches.

Two dogs roam the room. I am their temporary keeper. They bark and bark, maddened at the movement of the birds. There are scratch marks on every door.



Harley Bell

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