How To Write A Nature Poem

Nature poetry brings us closer to the Earth

Harley Bell
6 min readNov 22, 2023
A laptop being used to write a nature poem
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How to write a nature poem

Nature poetry brings us closer to the Earth. It reminds us of long forgotten spaces. A forest you used to walk. A tree that offered shade. A garden which sustained you.

Nature poetry can conjure natural landscapes and invite them deep into your heart.

This is a guide to help you write nature poetry.

Let the journey begin.

Start with why you want to write about nature

Purpose is a powerful seed. It is the kernel that contains all the necessary ingredients to become great. Purpose begins with why.
Why do you want to write a poem about nature?

Do you have an outcome in mind?
It could be a river you want to protect. A beautiful landscape you want to share with other people.
A feeling you want to express like a flutter in your heart every time you see a certain bird in a forest.

What do you want the poem to say and who is it for?
I like to imagine my poetry talks directly to the Earth.
Or to the animals. I have befriended many birds in this manner.
There are many approaches to…



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